Bullying Part 1

Career Empowerment



Youth & Religion & Spirituality

Teenagers & their Sexuality

Substance Abuse Part 2

Teenagers & Abuse

Tattoos & Piercings

Soft Skills for Success

School Curriculum 

Robbery & Theft

Mental Health Part 2

Internet Addictions

Immigrant Youth

Attitude Workshop

Reachout Committee


Anger management

Domestic Violence - Stalking

Suicide & Teens

Domestic Violence

Back to School Community Barbeque

Youths lost to Violence


Teenage Pregnancy & Abortions

Career Goals


Becoming a Better You

Health & Fitness

How to Write a Resume

Youth & Their Struggles With Their Weight

Youth & Proverty

HIV - AIDS Youth

Safe Sex

Women Presentation

The Canadian Justice System

Peer Pressure

Parents & Teen

Black History Part 1

Black History Part 2

Bullying Part 2

Teen Pregnancy  


Mental Health Part 1

Substance Abuse - Marijuana

Youth Violence

How to be Successful in Highschool

Drugs & Alcohol

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle