Programs and Services 


  • Anger Management Program (FEE)


  • Partner Abuse Treatment Program (PAT) (FEE)


  • Sexual Assault Awareness   (FEE)


  • Fraud Program    (FEE)


  • Road Rage Program    (FEE)


  • Mental Health   Program      (FEE)


  • Drug and Addiction Program   (FEE)


  • Workshops


  • Reports/Letters for court (FEE)




The PAT Partner Abuse Treatment Program is a 17 session program provided by Reachout Committee. This program is designed to educate and counsel participants in stopping their violent and abusive behavior towards their partner. The aim is to educate client on taking responsibility and ownership for their controlling abusive behavior.

It is held on  Saturdays 10am to 12pm

All sessions must be completed to successfully complete the program and receive a certificate. All sessions are mandatory. Throughout the program facilitator/counsellor will assess and review client’s participation. They are given homework assignments at the end of each session which must be returned to the facilitator/counsellor each week. A final report and certificate will be issued to the lawyer.


Our trained staff and counsellors work closely with the client giving them the opportunity to examine their beliefs and attitude towards domestic abuse and learn non abusive methods of resolving conflict. The accused also takes part in the Power of Restorative Program that views crime as a violation of social bonds that results in damaged relationship instead of solely viewing it as a broken law. The 17 sessions is usually completed in 3-4 months however we can accommodate if a shorter time frame

is requested by making the sessions longer or twice a week

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