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Reachout Committee is a voluntary, nonprofit community-based organization formed in 2001 in Mississauga in response to problems of conflicts and violence in the African Canadian community amongst youth. Its membership includes many active members from the local community with youths from all cultural background. Since its inception, Reachout has served many youths by operating and managing several programs and projects. Reachout utilized many trained volunteers from the community to support its activities. It provides the following services to the community of Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton.


Many of our youths exist in poverty and unemployment is at a much higher rate. There is still much work to be done since these communities continue to struggle due to harsh socio-economic realities. Our main focus is the empowerment of our youths! Creating an environment of mutual respect and trust between youths and adults and between the youths, police and justice system is also very important. Reachout is open to all youths regardless of race, age, gender, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, abilities or ideological perspective. We mainly respond to the needs of our young people. Reachout strives to be a self-sufficient organization that is dependent upon the material and financial contribution of its members and supporters for the successful implementation of its work.


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Membership is free!

Members of the R.O.C
Members of the R.O.C

Reachout is designed to build trust, confidence and respect amongst our youths and other community members. This initiative will give our young people an opportunity to participate in meaningful dialogue with each other, their parents, elders and other community stakeholders.


To involve youths and their parents in accepting values of responsibilities, respect of self and community.

To create a positive and caring community.

To stimulate critical and creative thinking.

To instill in our youths the need to accept responsibility for their actions.

To encourage parents to work collectively with youths in the sincere effort to avoid conflict.

To promote good citizenship and develop strategies to ensure it is maintained.

To encourage, provide mentoring and educational support for underachievers and young people with learning difficulties.

To advise and give practical support to young people who suffers adversely from exclusion and to help promote their self esteem to its highest potential.

To provide mediation and support for individuals who has become dysfunctional for various reasons.