Tuna Salad with Sliced Tomatoes 

Any type of vegetable ex. Carrots celery, tomatoes, broccoli with Hummus Dip(chickpeas)

Avocado and tomato Salad. All you need is to chop up some avocado and tomatoes add some salt, peppers and oil

Peanut butter and Banana Sandwich

Baked Apple Slices. For taste you can sprinkle some cinnamon 

Any type of berries - strawberries,blueberries, raspberries and add a little bit of sugar or milk 

Cucumber with Cream Cheese Sandwich

Lettuce and other vegetables ex. tomatoes,onions,cucumbers,pepper with any dressing and pieces of grilled chicken

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie.

All you need it milk, yogurt , strawberries, bananas, a pinch of sugar and ice. Blend it all together

Ladybugs on a log.

All you need is celery sticks, flavored cream cheese and you can put dried cranberries or raisins

Instead oh Children having chips as their snack, Almonds or any type of Peanuts are a good alternative

Grilled ham and cheese Sandwich. 

When cooking stay away from using butter

Chop up Sweet Potatoes into thin slices and put them in the oven

Homemade Yogurt Popsicle

all you need is Greek yogurt and any fruit you like. Blend it all together and pour in a paper cup add stick and freeze it for 3-4 hours 

Crackers with cheese

You can eat fresh fruit any time of the day.

Even Popcorn is a healthy snack.


Guacamole dip with some crackers or even unsalted pita chips

Oatmeal for breakfast 

Some chicken nuggets with sweet potato