Position:   Community Youth Worker Volunteer - Placement position

                        Intake and Outreach Worker Volunteer - Placement position

                   Social Worker/ Social Service Worker - Placement position

                   Community Justice Worker – Placement position 

                   Criminal Justice Worker – Placement Position   

                        CYW - Placement Position   


Location: 3034 Palstan Rd, 2th Floor Suite 201 Mississauga L4Y 2Z6.  Ph. 647-740-9337


 Reachout Committee is a voluntary, non-profit community-based organization in Mississauga in response to problems of conflicts and violence in the community. Its membership includes active members from the local community with youth from all cultural background. Since our inception Reachout has served many youth by operating and managing several programs and projects. Utilized many trained volunteers from the community to support its activities.  Our youth come from diverse backgrounds. This diversity includes age, education, language, sexual orientation, mental and physical disability, religion, ethnicity and race as well as increasing diversity in lifestyles and values.  Our portfolio includes weekly Freestyle Fridays youth meetings, the Annual Walk for Peace, Annual Back to School Community event, Blackology Scholarship Awards and Wave for Change Youth forums and workshops.

Position Summary

As a volunteer/placement of the organization, and working within the boundaries of Reachout Committee’s governing and administrative policies and the Community Action Plan, this position provides support in the planning of conferences, workshops and meetings for Reachout’s initiatives and in the administration of the unit. You will enjoy the combination of working with youth, building relationships and management.  Positive role model with cultural and community awareness is a must.  A high energy multi-tasker who loves to connect with the community and a self-starter must be able to work some evenings, Friday evenings and Saturdays


·      Maintains ongoing organizational projects that have been assigned

  • Ensure that there is quality care, control directed at youth offenders.
  • Attend court to assist with client and doing outreach.
  • Input client information and maintain client files
  • Provide individual and group counseling support.
  • Liaison with lawyers and Court Clerks
  • Greeting and directing general public
  • Conduct initial and needs assessments to drop-in clients, recruit participants and complete intake/assessment forms
  • Conduct eligibility screening and ensure appropriate documentation and filing.
  • Receive and direct all incoming telephone calls and provide information and referrals
  • Coordinate incoming and outgoing mail as well as courier pick-up
  • Maintain office equipment including telephone and fax programming, copiers, printers.
  • Participate in team meetings; staff meetings and committee meetings as required
  • Coordinating and preparing meetings, minutes/presentations, correspondence, preparing reports
  • The Youth worker should also be available to explain the reporting status, answer any questions regarding practices and services and discuss resources and strategies for individuals, family and community.
  • Supervise the clients use of public services(computers and photocopier)
  • Help client/offenders address social issues and behavioral patterns.
  • Maintain positive relationships with youth
  • To meet, develop and record a plan of action that reflects the youth’s goals and how they will accomplish them
  • To meet/review/and record the plan of the youth at least once a week
  • Completes reports and statistics.
  • Ensuring job assignments meet the needs of both the programs and volunteers
  • Establish and maintain a high level of performance by volunteers
  • Ensure volunteers are utilized in an appropriate manner by staff.
  • Determine areas of involvement for volunteer placement
  • Work in collaboration with managers on new initiatives.
  • Ensure compliance with all of the organization legal, accounting, tax, and regulatory requirements.
  • Oversee fundraising efforts including special events, comprehensive campaigns and solicitations.
  • Liaison with community partners, agencies to build relations and promote Reachout services and       programs
  • Researches available sites and conducts inspection, selection, logistics and price negotiations with vendors for education, conferences and meetings
  • Provides regular budget summaries, tracking, trending, participation rates and other reports as necessary
  • Books and coordinates special needs catering services
  • Coordinates materials for shipment to staff meeting
  • Communicates with event leads on logistical arrangements
  • Coordinates internal and external resources assigned to assist with events - including coordinating onsite personnel as required
  • Inputs registration data into event databases as well as inputting into Reachout Systems
  • Works collaboratively with Program Coordinator to produce required identification data at events
  • Provides service to staff and stakeholders in a manner that is consistent with customer service values and keeping the interests of Reachout as the primary focus of work
  • Ensures strategic outcomes are supported while responding to day-to-day demands
  • provide accurate records of all required reports
  • Maintains a constructive working relationship with Reachout staff and stakeholders
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Abide to internal policies and procedures


  • Excellent customer service skills to respond to internal and external contacts, as well as individuals from diverse groups
  • Knowledge of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
  • Ability to work effectively with a broad range of internal and external contacts
  • Excellent time management skills to prioritize work assignments and accommodate deadline
  • Superior organizational skills to deal with multiple issues effectively
  • Ability to meet the physical demands of the job, which can include lifting and transporting
  • Exceptional communication skills both oral and written
  • Excellent interpersonal and facilitation skills
  • Strong file management skills for both manual and electronic filing systems
  • Ability to maintain confidential record and documentation
  • Ability to write descriptive notes and reports on client
  • Ability to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office; experience with MS Word and experience with Excel and Power Point
  • Able to travel as required


Reachout Committee is committed to equity in employment.  Our goal is a diverse, inclusive workforce that reflects the communities we serve. We strongly encourage applications from women and men, people from racialized communities, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and aboriginal persons.


Contact info: ph. 647-740-9337 or via email




Tanisha Teape

April 07, 2016


When we arrived to the Mental Health Awareness fair, as we set up I got to meet different people from different organizations who relate to Reachout Committee when it comes to youth services. For example, Children's aid society, Boys and Girls Club, and YMCA were in attendance. I made great friends with a woman from Boys & Girls club and we spoke for a long time about wanting to help youth in our society and how important it was. She had never heard about Reachout and was so happy that we were there and she was excited about what Reachout had to offer. Also, she wanted to bring her kids from Boys/Girls club to the walk of peace.
After meeting people from organizations, the fair had started and out of all the booths ours had looked the most visually appealing (bright Colors, candy, and a raffle) tons of students were packed in front of our station for hours. We stayed busy and never left our station due to how busy it was at all times. Even teachers stopped and were interested in asking about Reachout due to the population of interest at our table. Tons of students signed up for Walk of Peace and were even excited that they could get 25 hours from attending. My team members, Richmar, Trillian, and Kobi all helped other out and used our knowledge of Reachout to guide each other and help one another tell everyone the right information. We set up the table as a team effort, and rotated when we ate lunch. I'm very proud of my team, and what we had accomplished that day when it comes to hundreds of forms being filled out for Walk of Peace, and telling others about Reachout. I am confident that Reachout can gain more potential clients because of such events like this one, and that Walk of Peace will be a success on June 4,2016. 

Kobi Firempong Sefah                                                                                                           Thursday April 7th 2016


Mental Health and Wellness fair

The mental health and wellness fair at St. Edmund Campion went very well and I feel was a positive influence on the students at the school. The students who attended fair on their lunches looked to be really learning about the variety of services available to them with Mississauga and Brampton. When I walked over to other booths, there was a lot of important information on display for the students and the presenters at each station spoke clearly and thoroughly about what their agency represents and offers to the community. After seeing how well put together other booths and ours were I was very glad for the students to have an opportunity to learn firsthand about agencies they may or may not have heard of face to face instead in a formally way like in a normal class room. 


In my opinion, I think Reachout made a major impact on the fair because a majority of the students on all three lunches came to over to the booth and heard what the Reachout Commitee was about as well as sign up for the walk for peace. I feel like each of us at the booth was able to answer questions from students or teachers and had pretty well and we also got compliments from other presenters. Since we were considerably younger than the rest of the presenters, it seemed that students weren’t as hesitant to approach our display, actually listen to what we had to say and ask questions about different programs Reachout offer aside from community hours. Overall I think this was a great event for students and faculty and I would really enjoy going to another event that is similar to this.        

Name:TrullianBrown                                                                                          Title: Report about Mental health and Wellness Fair

Date: April 7, 2016

On April 7, 2016 about 9:30am I arrived at St Edmund Campion Secondary School along with my fellow trainees. There was a host of different agency and organization. It was a pleasure to be in such an environment of knowledge and experience. There were about fifteen (15) other different agencies with representatives of each agency. It was a fulfilled day for everyone in the surrounding.

We got there choose our table then set up with our resources to welcome both faculty and student. The event was in support of the mental health community and getting a better understanding of what the struggles they face each day, the challenges they encounter and also the resources that is available to this specific community. I had observed a lot of different diverse within the school population, but the black community was more dominant. What impresses me about this specific school is how they treat the student suffering with a disorder or mental illness. The teachers were very patient, humble and very accommodative.

After everyone was set up fully two (2) of us went and introduces our self to the other agencies and tell them about what Reach Out has to offer such as the different programs, volunteer positions and also counselling sessions. The representatives from the different agencies were overwhelmed to hear what is available to young people to utilize.

Students get three (3) different lunch break so we busy on our feet for most of the proceeding. They were enthuse to sign up for the walk for peace on June 4, 2016 and even for the raffle for the $50 Dave and Busters gift card. The students were very respectful to us and very receptive to the information we had to offer them. After it was all over we draw the raffle and Melisa won the gift card she was very delighted and happy.


I was granted the privilege to sell my agency at this event and what we at Reach Out were about it was a great honour. We collect every other agency and brochure so we at Reach Out can stay connected with these agencies.  It was a very educating exercise and I have learnt so much today. 




Mental Health Conference Fair Reflection


            Today, the Reachout Committee attended the Mental Health Conference Fair at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School. We had our own table station for Reachout as well as multiple other organizations who were present. Today's experience was different than any other, due to the fact that when usually attending conferences or similar types of fairs, I would be visiting different tables one by one. However, today I was on the opposite side, I was holding and presenting Reachout with a bunch of my colleagues. It was different due to the fact instead of walking around and learning about new organizations, my colleagues and I were sharing knowledge and teaching about our superb organization of Reachout. At first I did not know what to expect, and how many students or faculty members would actually come to our table. I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with joy and excitement. It started off dead, and students walking by slowly one by one, until we had our first three students actually come with curiosity and questions. We explained to them what Reachout was and what we had to offer, but what stood out to them the most was the Walk for Peace event that we had showcased. Additionally our incentive candy, creative wheel, prize give-aways and raffle caught their eyes. As from these three students, a domino effect occurred. One by one and then group by groups, tons of students came to our table, in which I thought were only there for the prizes and candy, were all interested in the Walk for Peace event. It was a very great experience, and an excellent show out for both the students, Reachout Committee and I. There was multiple times as well where  other organizations and faculty would come to our table in curiosity of what we do as an organization. It felt great as seeing all the excitement and happiness in the students we interacted with today. I don't believe there was one negative moment at today's Mental Health Conference Fair. It's great that we had the opportunity to not only rise awareness and knowledge for these students, but offer them enjoyable, valuable hours as it benefits us as well. Seeing these individuals putting up "booths" or "information stands" in the past made me believe they would be bored or unentertaining. However today, my opinion has gone to a whole opposite, and I would not mind in doing similar events again! Today we created a different type of connection for our organization, and it only shows many other difffrent opportunities we will have  in the future.