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What is the Co-op Program?

The Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) is an educational tool that allows students to participate in an unpaid apprenticeship program in a work environment. While they earn credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, students apply in the workplace what they have learned in class.

More about the Co-op Program

 The Program is offered during the school year as well as during the summer.

Benefits to students, employers and schools

The school and the community, working together, provide unique learning experiences, which benefit students, employers, and schools.

Students participating in Cooperative Education Programmes can:

à       explore tentative career choices;

à        experience situations and use equipment not available in schools;

à        increase confidence and self-reliance;

à        develop an awareness of personal qualities essential for success in the workplace;

à        develop an understanding of the need for co-operation both in the school and in the workplace;

à        make the transition more easily from school to work;

à        obtain references to assist in securing a job, and select an alternative method of earning credits;

Schools, by offering these programmes can:

       à   assist students in making informed educational and career choices;

à     provide relevant, practical experiences which complement theories and practices taught in school;

à     integrate business attitudes and expectations into the school curriculum, and

à     keep teachers and students informed of the requirements of the modern work world.